Academics Team

Ms. Asma Nainar
A highly qualified professional in the field of commerce and marketing, Ms Asma Nainar has been the pillar for leadership and the flag bearer for the management vision to drive Education and not just Literacy in the society. Ms Asma is motivated by the passion for education that she sees in her family members most of whom are engaged in this profession. Ms Asma is highly determined to make the academic and administrative faculty work together as teams that complement each other to deliver quality education. The Joint Managing Trustee of Rayyan Educational Trust, Ms Asma has played a key role from inception of Billabong High International School, Kelambakkam in ensuring that parents and students are provided an open-door policy of interaction with school management to ensure a smooth delivery of the learning objectives of the school. Ms Asma has taken utmost care to ensure both teachers and students make school their second home and love to come to school everyday. Through her dedication and visionary thinking the school won the award for Innovative Curriculum Delivery at the Eldrok Summit Chennai held in October 2019.
Ms. Shibanti Bhowmik
Academic Advisor
A Chinese proverb that has always impressed and motivated me goes like this - ‘Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back’. Learning is a lifelong journey. So, what makes this learning? Is it what we learn from books or what our teachers have taught us in the class? When we sit down to think deeply, we realize that learning goes much beyond the four walls of the classrooms. We learn from experiences and observations, from debates and discussions, from our day-to-day activities and the list goes on. Learning cannot be accomplished accidently but it must be sought for with love, zeal, and dedication. It is a wonderful experience. As educators we consistently try to thread our love, dedication, and zeal to weave a strong personality, values, and skills in our learners. Our curriculum at Billabong is based on Howard Gardener’s Multiple Intelligence Theory, wherein all students learn according to their own ability. We at Billabong, Kelambakkam, ensure that our leaners get opportunity to explore their talents and skills and grow up as an independent and confident learner to create and preserve a ‘new tomorrow’. Let us join our hands as parents and teachers to give to our leaners the chance to venture and create for themselves their own wings- the wings of hope, values, wisdom, and knowledge that would encourage them to share and design their own niche in future. Let us not look down at their failures as a mistake, but inspire them to learn from it and take the road of making a successful ‘new tomorrow’.
Ms. Manjula Devi
Coordinator CAIE
Ms.Manjula Devi has a passion for creating a rich and varied learning space allowing pupils to embrace cultural diversity. She has a keen understanding of parent’s aspirations, pupils’ needs and the importance of school collaboration in building a distinctive international school community. Equipped with a PG Diploma in Education Leadership Program From Canadian University organized by Sundaram Educational Trust SET, with the training assistance of SOL & CEMD, New Delhi and CICTL (Cambridge International Certification for Teaching and Learning), LIM (Leader in Me Program by Stephen Covey) along with Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and engineering, and having worked as Regional Head for multi-national corporations in the world of banking & finance, she found her true calling and dedicated herself to bring in her real-world experiences combining her love for school education – bringing a unique persona to her teachership and leadership and being part of the learning journey of the future generation. She particularly intends to instil in all her learners in Milton Billabong International School, strong value and belief system that inspires them to contribute to society. She believes that a strong moral and ethical foundation creates good citizens who, albeit in a small way, make the world a better place by contributing to the community, country and the world. Her CAIE team and She pledges that their commitment to your child and you, and assure you that your association with Milton Billabong International School will be a rewarding experience…
Ms. Hashmath Fahira Khan
Exam Officer Upper Secondary & Science Department Head.

Highly enthusiastic and forward-thinking, Ms. Hashmath Fahira is a degree holder in Bio-medical Engineering and in Education. Certified in International Education from the University of Toronto, as well as in School Management and Leadership from Harvard Graduate School of Education, she strongly believes in the philosophy, 'Never stop learning, for when we stop learning, we stop growing'. She has explored and thrived in the Cambridge stream and exhibits proven ability for discovering students' varying learning styles. She is a dedicated teacher of science, who additionally holds the position of examination in charge, for the Cambridge wing. The recognition of her work in the subject of science and the examination department has led to her being named the Head of the Department of Science and Examinations Officer. She is committed to ensuring that each student's unique academic needs are met, fostering parental care in all spheres. She is well-rounded with excellent interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills and positively reinforces learning as a lifelong process. She strongly believes in constructive teaching practices, considering the vitality of self-reflection. Her passion towards education led her to invest unwavering commitment and rigorous performance to sensitize different learning perspectives in science-based pursuits. She strives to achieve excellence in every task at hand and that one cannot deny little drops make the mighty ocean..

Ms. Jalaja Ganesh
Humanities Department Head.

Ms. Jalaja Ganesh holds a master’s degree in Commerce besides a bachelor’s degree in Education. She possesses good knowledge of basic computing skills and is an experienced Social Science educator.  She is assiduous and committed. She completely believes in Student centric education and raises standards of student attainment and achievement by constantly monitoring and supporting their progress.  She communicates with the students effectively and motivates them. She feels satisfied when she converts  late bloomer to a fragrant flower and strongly believes that sequential and systemic instruction and practice should be continually applied through a process of extension, expansion and illumination that takes advantage of students' academic progress and growth. She has cultivated moral values along with education and has got appreciation from many parents. She converts tough syllabus into easy learning through her creative method of teaching and ensures the understanding of the learners by assessing them regularly.

Ms. Tharini Murugesan
Social Media Coordinator & ICT Department & Club Head.
Ms.Tharini Murugesan acquired a postgraduate degree in Business Application after completing her engineering graduation in Computer Science. She also holds an Advanced Diploma as a Montessori tutor. She has more than 2 years of teaching experience under different environments like classroom activities and conducting online training via video conferencing. She can manage all the modern web applications to make teaching sessions more effective by inducting attractive presentations which enhance quick learning and development. She uses expert techniques to pursue a clear focus towards the students in groups as well as individually. She also imparts a variety of soft skills, apart from academics, which helps mould growing children into caring and mindful human beings. She believes that, there are unchanging values in changing times, and these must be passed on to every child through modeling, value inculcation, and value integration in her lessons. Moreover, she develops and leads a highly effective ICT Department and ensures excellent outcomes for all learners.
Ms. Jessica Jammimah
Mathematics Department Head.
Mathematics is the universal language and foundation of the entire universe. Inspired to share her love for Math, Jessica took the path of teaching. Jessica is a dedicated, highly-qualified and experienced math teacher who is experienced in both IGCSE and IB for over 4 years. She can deliver lessons that develop both the theoretical and applied mathematical skill. She has a thorough knowledge of effective mathematics teaching practices. She believes that learning is insightful and all that a teacher has to do is facilitate and create a conducive environment as well as guide learners through the whole teaching-learning process. She identifies the level of the student and consciously provides appropriate support. She creates a stimulating learning environment that is sensitive to students’ psychosocial needs. She is also empathetic towards the struggle faced by students in learning mathematics. She is currently pursuing Master’s in Mathematics. Being the Head of the Department of Mathematics, she makes sure to eradicate the fear of math and make math learning fun. Appreciating the significance of math in real life, she ensures that student visualize and apply math concepts to everyday life.
Ms. Steffi Ramachandran
Exam Officer lower Secondary & Math Club Head.
Ms Steffi is a passionate mathematics teacher with four years of experience in primary and middle school teaching in leading schools in India. She creates a positive learning environment so as to maintain a strong teacher-student relationship. She believes in involving children in co-curricular activities that relate to the academic content of her classes. She is flexible and prefers differentiated attention towards children based on their learning abilities. She understands that patience, enthusiasm and friendliness with children can encourage children to think on their own and solve all problems individually and as a group. She has adapted Mathematics teaching for virtual classes in a very innovative manner
Ms. Stella Shoba
Tamil Department & Literary Club Head.

Stella is a versatile Tamil facilitator who is highly proficient in the language. Owing to her expertise in the Tamil language, she is currently heading the Department of Tamil at MBIS-K. Her profound knowledge of the subject has spawned an admirable career of over 10 years. She prides herself as an inclusive facilitator who has trained slow learners extensively. She has also authored third language books for Tamil. She demonstrates outstanding coordinating skills within the department. Besides training children for external competitions like extempore, elocution, drama to name a few, Stella strives to develop learners with very high levels of competence with regard to both oracy and literacy in the regional language.

Dr. Krithika Muthu
Events Coordinator & Environmental Club Head.
Learning is a lifelong endeavour, and is what keeps things interesting and maintains curiosity. A surgeon by profession, Dr. Krithika Muthu took up education as her career out of passion. She believes that people do move towards a medical career for a number of reasons, but her curiosity for teaching is often up there at the top, in the list of factors that motivate her. She is a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners. She works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students. Furthermore, she is a versatile educator, possessing the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a child's imagination and breed success. She is currently perusing her CIDTL certification which is relevant to the Cambridge board. She is also into various cultural activities like music and arts in addition to being a professional Bharatnatyam dancer. She owns her own studio for arts and dance. She also strongly believes that modern teaching methods emphasize the learning objectives be met through classroom interaction, collaboration and active participation of the children in engaging activities. Being the Environmental Club Head, she ensures the sensitization of students regarding community service and to develop unity in protecting and improving the quality of the environment as a contribution to the protection of human health and safeguarding the ecological balance.
Ms. Sathya Parameshwari
Time NIE Coordinator & English Educator

A highly motivated, dedicated, resourceful, and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social/academic growth and development of every child, Ms. Satya Parameshwari is an accommodating and versatile individual with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a child's imagination and breed success. Ms. Sathya Parameshwari has been committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to students. She has the aptitude to remain flexible, ensuring that every child's learning style and abilities are addressed. She has superior interpersonal and communication skills to foster meaningful relationships with students, staff, and parents.

Ms. Hamzavardini
Social Media Incharge & French Educator
Ms. Hamzavardheni works as a high school French educator at MBIS-K. She is also a part of and contributes to the Language Culture Club. She holds a Postgraduate degree in French from Pondicherry University and is also a DELF diploma holder from Alliance Francaise. Having worked for Amazon as a French Investigator cum translator, she was able to experience interacting with the delegates of France and around the world. To pursue her passion towards teaching, she aims to sculpt in to the future generations, the value of life besides teaching the academic curriculum. She enjoys being friendly with her students in order to facilitate them and enable them to discuss French lessons with her comfortably without stress. She has dedicated her future journey to the best interest of the future generation - the students.
Ms. J. Sandra Caroline
Economics & Business Studies Educator.
Ms. J. Sandra Caroline holds a Master’s degree in Commerce, a Bachelor’s degree in Hindi, and a Postgraduate diploma in Sales and Relationship Banking. At MBIS-K, she works as a Social Science, Business Studies, and Economics Educator. As a Social Science teacher, she works to impart knowledge for the improvement of human welfare. She also believes that students' lives can be greatly improved through a deeper understanding of individual and collective behaviour. As a Business Studies teacher, she is someone with a passion for business who applies her experience to education. She teaches Economics by generating new knowledge and exposing students to a real-life learning environment. She feels so grateful to be working with the Billabong family.