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Dr Krithika Muthu

Teacher- Science & Environmental Club Head

Learning is a lifelong endeavour, and is what keeps things interesting and maintains curiosity. A surgeon by profession, Dr. Krithika Muthu took up education as her career out of passion. She believes that people do move towards a medical career for a number of reasons, but her curiosity for teaching is often up there at the top, in the list of factors that motivate her. She is a warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners. She works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students.

Furthermore, she is a versatile educator, possessing the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a child's imagination and breed success. She is currently perusing her CIDTL certification which is relevant to the Cambridge board. She is also into various cultural activities like music and arts in addition to being a professional Bharatnatyam dancer. She owns her own studio for arts and dance.

She also strongly believes that modern teaching methods emphasize the learning objectives be met through classroom interaction, collaboration and active participation of the children in engaging activities. Being the Environmental Club Head, she ensures the sensitization of students regarding community service and to develop unity in protecting and improving the quality of the environment as a contribution to the protection of human health and safeguarding the ecological balance.

Dr  Krithika Muthu
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