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Er. S. Magesh Kumar

Math Educator

Er. S. Magesh Kumar is a notable academician apart from his Engineering background and as a perpetual learner, he holds multifarious credentials in diverse areas like Engineering, Science, Arts, Technology, Linguistics, and Management. He had commenced his academic career as a Post Graduate Teacher in the year 2015 and he served in various academies ranging from schools and varsities in different parts of India, till the year 2020. He has published a research paper in International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications EMERGENCY APPLICATION FOR WOMEN”, in volume 4, Issue3, March 2014 under ISSN 2250-3153.

As a teacher and self-sufficient innovator, Er. S. Magesh Kumar is comfortable in any role from the academician to the service platform. He is a tech-savvy negotiator known for healthy educational development and relationship building skills. He always puts his confidence in the ability of his students and guides them accordingly in such a way that students realise their potential and grow from within. His unique technique of teaching aids students in becoming the best versions of themselves as a result of which academic success flows in naturally.

Er. S. Magesh Kumar
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