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Ms Jalaja Ganesh

Head of Social Science

Ms. Jalaja Ganesh holds a Masters degree in Commerce, has B.Ed qualifications, possess knowledge of basic computer skills and is an experienced educator. She is assiduous and a committed teacher. She completely believes in student centric education and raises standards of student attainment, and achievement, by monitoring and supporting student progress. She communicates with the students effectively and positively motivates them. She feels satisfied when she converts late bloomers into fragrant flowers that blossom.

Ms. Jalaja Ganesh strongly believes sequential and systemic instruction and practice should be continually applied through a process of extension, expansion and illumination in a greater complexity that takes advantage of students' academic progress and growth. She has cultivated moral values along with education and was appreciated by many parents. Ms. Jalaja Ganesh possesses the capability of converting a tough syllabus into a more engaging one through her creative and innovative methods of teaching, which ensures the understanding of the learners.

Ms Jalaja Ganesh
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