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Ms Manjula Devi

CAIE Coordinator

Ms.Manjula Devi has a passion for creating a rich and varied learning space allowing pupils to embrace cultural diversity. She has a keen understanding of parent’s aspirations, pupils’ needs and the importance of school collaboration in building a distinctive international school community. Equipped with a PG Diploma in Education Leadership Program From Canadian University organized by Sundaram Educational Trust SET, with the training assistance of SOL & CEMD, New Delhi and CICTL (Cambridge International Certification for Teaching and Learning), LIM (Leader in Me Program by Stephen Covey) along with Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and engineering, and having worked as Regional Head for multi-national corporations in the world of banking & finance, she found her true calling and dedicated herself to bring in her real-world experiences combining her love for school education – bringing a unique persona to her teachership and leadership and being part of the learning journey of the future generation.

She particularly intends to instil in all her learners in Milton Billabong International School, strong value and belief system that inspires them to contribute to society. She believes that a strong moral and ethical foundation creates good citizens who, albeit in a small way, make the world a better place by contributing to the community, country and the world. Her CAIE team and She pledges that their commitment to your child and you, and assure you that your association with Milton Billabong International School will be a rewarding experience…

Ms Manjula Devi
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