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Ms Tharini Murugesan

Head of ICT

Ms.Tharini Murugesan acquired a postgraduate degree in Business Application after completing her engineering graduation in Computer Science. She also holds an Advanced Diploma as a Montessori tutor. She has more than 2 years of teaching experience under different environments like classroom activities and conducting online training via video conferencing. She can manage all the modern web applications to make teaching sessions more effective by inducting attractive presentations which enhance quick learning and development.

She uses expert techniques to pursue a clear focus towards the students in groups as well as individually. She also imparts a variety of soft skills, apart from academics, which helps mould growing children into caring and mindful human beings. She believes that, there are unchanging values in changing times, and these must be passed on to every child through modeling, value inculcation, and value integration in her lessons. Moreover, she develops and leads a highly effective ICT Department and ensures excellent outcomes for all learners.

Ms Tharini Murugesan
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