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Life Skills Program

Our Life Skills programme has been embedded with unique life skills that help our learners harness their full potential to accomplish their ambitions and lead a better quality of life. 


By combining emotional, physical and spiritual well being with a rigorous learning program we have created breakthrough results in our children’s education. An education that develops the whole child – academically, socially, emotionally and physically is the need of the hour. In an era where 47% of existing employment being taken over by automation we know that the future belongs to the innovator. “The future forward” skills that will be valued such as imagination, entrepreneurship, negotiation, empathizing, storytelling, connecting, creativity and design are the new focal points of our latest (2016) curriculum. 


Serving, honest, trusting, respectful, playful, joyous, loving, high expectations of self and others and constantly striving towards the highest benchmark and standards. THE KEY QUESTION WE ALL ASK EVERYDAY (students, teachers, leadership) – Who can I be today that makes me better than I was yesterday?

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Milton International school enrolls intelligent, enthusiastic students who are fascinated by the world around them. Here, you’ll share your opinions confidently, explore your interests and talents, and affirm and express exactly who you are. 

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