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Cultural Day 2023 ‘Wanderlust: Humour Across Horizons’.

Updated: Sep 11

The annual Cultural Day celebration at Milton International School was an electrifying event filled with talent, enthusiasm, and a true celebration of the rich diversity and talents that our school community embodies. This year's event, held on September 2, 2023, was made even more special with the presence of our esteemed Chief Guest, Ms. Sowmya, a Speech-language pathologist. The Cultural Day festivities began on a solemn and harmonious note with a heartfelt prayer song, symbolizing our school's commitment to values, spirituality, and unity. Following the prayer song, our school choir took the stage to deliver a mesmerizing performance. Their melodious voices resonated through the hall, setting the tone for the event that celebrated not only cultural diversity but also the beauty of music as a universal language. The newsletter release ‘Berries’, a culmination of the hard work and dedication of our talented editorial team, showcased articles, and highlights from various school activities. Following the newsletter release, we had the privilege of honoring our students who have demonstrated outstanding academic proficiency over the past academic year. In addition to the academic awards, we were delighted to recognize and applaud the exceptional performance of our students in the IGCSE examinations. The heart of the event was undoubtedly the captivating cultural performances presented by our talented students under the theme ‘Wanderlust: Humour Across Horizons’. The performances were a fusion of mime, dance, and musical feats that transported the audience on a journey around the world, showcasing the cultures of Japan, Mexico, London, and Brazil. The students' dedication and passion were palpable in every act, leaving the audience spellbound. These cultural performances not only displayed the remarkable talents of our students but also reinforced the importance of cultural diversity and global awareness. It was a day filled with appreciation for academic excellence, cultural diversity, and talent.

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