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Safety and Security

Ensuring the safety of our students and schools is always a top priority for us at MIS-K. Our safety procedures are reviewed with students and staff every year and drills are conducted to maintain readiness. 

Security Room

CCTV Survillance

The school is equipped with CCTV monitored classroom, playfields and residential areas that are centrally monitored by professional security personnel who can proactively prevent any untoward safety or security incident from occurring.

All entrances to the school premises and some restricted areas within the school premises are tracked through access control systems. These systems help the school identify the movement of all people on campus whether they are children or adults. Intrusions if any will trigger alarms for everyone to become aware and security personnel to take control of the situation.

The school has provided for adequate security personnel to guard the school campus 24 x 7 and maintain daily records of the security situation in the school.

Regular security and safety drills will be conducted on campus to create awareness amongst all occupants of the school campus to prevent untoward incidents from happening.


Safety Drills

The school is equipped with the latest technology in early detection and prevention of fire.

Fire Alarms will sound well in advance for evacuation of premises that is potentially on fire.

Fire Drills will be conducted every month with all occupants of the campus to ensure adequate awareness to prevent fire from happening and action to be followed in case it happens.

Potential high fire risk areas of the school such as kitchen and electrical room will be monitored at all times to ensure that no fire hazards are imminent. Fire Department personnel in the vicinity of the school will be kept aware on a periodical basis of the access routes in case of any emergency.

Regular interactive sessions will be held with parents and other industry experts to mitigate and manage the security, safety and fire risks of the school

The school will make security and safety as its utmost priority and keep it as low risk area as humanly possible in matters of Safety, Security and Fire.

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