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For the Parents

We are so grateful for the trust you have placed in us as we partner with you to educate your child. Parents play crucial, critical roles in the life of the MIS-K community. We hope you will fully engage in the life of the school in the ways that best match your interests.


Safety First

The management of MIS in Kelambakkam believes in keeping its premises safe and secure at all times. Compliant to international standards of safety in schooling, the school has provided for safety through effective and efficient processes and by using the latest technology.


Arriving at School

We offer transport services by comfortable buses and anticipate minimum travel time one way to be around 25 minutes and maximum of 50 minutes depending upon distance



Our school uniform gives students with a choice between two colours which are yellow and blue. The school expects children to be comfortable in their uniforms to move around the school and learn at ease.


School Policies

Milton International School believes that students will grow into value creating and law abiding adults and hence a culture of policies and procedures in the school helps to pave a disciplined life for our students for their bright future.


Schools Menu

We provide a wholesome food option for snack time and lunch on campus for all students. The food menu has a balanced nutritional content and changes on a weekly basis. Parents are advised to contact the admissions counsellor for further information

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