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Our School

Milton International School, Kelambakkam, is a unique school in Chennai that offers a holistic and transformative international education. We at MIS-K aim to uncover every learner’s purpose and potential by incorporating innovative teaching and learning methods into the curriculum.


From the Principal's Desk

Dear Students, Parents and Well-Wishers of MIS – K,


Yes !!! One more academic year has passed and here we are looking at yet another year of educational excellence for the academic year 2023-24.


We have stood by our promises to make our learners think, create, and communicate the knowledge that they gain in school.


This year we plan to help them use this intelligence and ignite the talents within them with a new suite of Sports and Performing Arts (SPA) activities. We hope that parents will encourage the children to choose the right activity and that these activities develop into inherent talents within the students.


I am also proud to announce the joining of our new set of teachers in Milton International School and also the promotion of Ms. Hashmath Fahira as the Academic Coordinator. I am sure the students will like the newness in the teaching standards with this change of leadership and teachers. 

Our current batch of Cambridge school Upper Secondary students are about to proceed for their board examinations in April / May exam series and we wish them the very best.

We have requested the class and subject teachers to interact with parents on a more frequent (monthly) basis for all classes in order to ensure that the performance cycles between school and home are delivering the maximum learning effectiveness for our young achievers. We solicit maximum cooperation from parents in this regard.

Parents, please do continue to come and meet me. I assure you of my listening and action where necessary on constructive feedback that I and the school will receive.


Looking forward for a great 2023-24 in MIS-K!





To nurture conscious and responsible global citizens for a sustainable and peaceful world.


Transform our students to become lifelong learners through a broad, well-balanced curriculum that appreciates and respects multicultural practices and values.


Empowering Educational Excellence

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Developing a powerful/robust education system

  2. Fostering a culture of excellence

  3. Facilitate leadership qualities within teachers and students

  4. Enable global sensitivity

Our Learners Attributes


Pedagogy guided by neuroscience, bloom’s taxonomy, and multiple intelligences, to mention a few ‘make every moment of learning meaningful, joyous and most importantly effective’. Learners are further encouraged to develop a global view through interdisciplinary learning.

Our Pedagogy

Our Mentors

Yasir Nainar

 A young educationist cum entrepreneur who spent most of his life in Doha, Qatar. He is the founder member and Vice-President of DPS Group of Institutions in Doha Qatar. An engineer by qualification, a strategist by profession and an educationist by passion, Mr Yasir continues to provide the thought leadership in building in both BHIS-K and MIS-K the  paradigm of "learning with a purpose". He always believes that meaningful education provides societal changes and takes everyone to experience the fulfilment of a better tomorrow. 

Rajesh Chopra

An Honorary Board member of Rayyan Educational Trust. Mr. Rajesh hails from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. He is a certified Chartered Accountant and based in Doha-Qatar for the past two decades. Rajesh brings powerful governance and control to ensure that the Trust that operates the school and the school itself have enough financial and administrative control to deliver its unique vision to the people of Chennai.

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The school body is divided into two houses, Maple and Olive, which serve as an integral part of the student body, each with its unique identity. These houses provide an opportunity for students to engage in healthy competition and foster a sense of community and belonging.


Each house has a House Prefect and its members, who are responsible for organizing various events and activities throughout the year. These events include inter-house sports competitions, cultural festivals, charity drives, and community outreach programs. It is crucial for students to understand and uphold the values of their houses and to support them in their efforts to create a vibrant and inclusive school environment.


Maple House is named after the iconic Maple tree, which symbolizes love, strength and resilience. Maple trees are famous during the autumn season in Northern America. As the representation of love, maples encourage the acceptance of all beings as they are; as the representation of strength and 

endurance, maples instil the virtues of perseverance and will power, both of which will elevate one to great levels in life.


Olive House, on the other hand, is named after the Olive tree, which symbolizes peace, victory and friendship. The wild olive tree originated in Asia Minor where it is extremely abundant and grows in thick forests. As the representation of peace, olives encourage a smooth approach to any conflict one may face; as the representation of friendship, olives highlight the importance of good company in one’s life. Last but not the least, as the representation of victory, olives encourage us to hoist our flags high.

Our Campus

The school infrastructure is specially designed for the curriculum imparted and to generate the comfort and ease-of-learning. 

Get to know our Faculty

MIS-K is home to the most passionate educators. We have handpicked each educator based on their zeal to provide world class education to our learners. Our faculty comprises of highly qualified and ardent educators who come together to create a progressive and compassionate learning environment for our learners at MIS-K.

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