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From robotics to our athletic programs, from service projects to musical performances, there is a way for every student to grow and transform into anything they want to be.

Our faculty have a strong drive and passion for teaching and a deep commitment to inspiring students to grow in knowledge and maturity. We instill habits of mind that set our students on a path of life-long learning and prepare them to excel at the most demanding colleges and universities in the nation and abroad. 



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Milton International School prepares students for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations. Middle School curriculum works towards grooming the learners to become responsible, confident and reflective individuals who are self motivated to engage in innovative activities. 

Life Skills


Our Life Skills programme has been embedded with unique life skills that help our learners harness their full potential to accomplish their ambitions and lead a better quality of life. 

Sports and Performing Arts


The Sports and Performing Arts (SPA) program provides opportunities for recreation, relaxation and a release from the academic day in a safe and comfortable environment. It also helps the students to discover individual talents and potential abilities and how to nurture and sustain them.



Community service gives students an opportunity to explore academic interests through a real world lens.


Our Pedagogy

Pedagogy guided by neuroscience, bloom’s taxonomy, and multiple intelligences, to mention a few ‘make every moment of learning meaningful, joyous and most importantly effective’. Learners are further encouraged to develop a global view through interdisciplinary learning.

Ready To Take The Next Step

The time is now!

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