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Sports & Performing Arts Program

MIS-K specialised SPA activities comprises of a mix of academically oriented, physically oriented and talent oriented programs that continually engage the child’s attention and personal growth. At MIS- Kelambakkam, we take advantage of the green and serene Thaiyur nature reserve, where the school is located, to engage our students in meaningful outdoor activities such as outdoor sports, outdoor yoga and interaction with nature. This helps MIS-K students appreciate health and environment as important components of their personal growth. The field trips ensure students not only take back memories but also the learning tools as learners are known to retain a great deal of factual information through such specialised tours.

The SPA Curriculum

Children learn to collaborate, be effective team players, and better their performances, as well as aspire for victory within the parameters of accepted rules and most importantly sportsmanship. MIS Kelambakkam offers a mix of activities throughout the year to develop the various aspects of a child’s personality and physical well being. Students have the opportunity to explore a range of activities offered under the umbrella of Sports and Performing Arts (SPA), such as-

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Silambam

  • Chess

  • Marching Band

  • Skating

  • Instrumental Music

  • Classical Dance

  • Karate

  • Robotics

  • Keyboard

  • Public Speaking

  • Clay Sculpting

  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship 

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