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Creative Thinking

Research has shown that all of us can make better use of our creative thinking through practice and training. We can become more imaginative, flexible and original in solving day-to-day problems creatively and effectively. Development of creative thinking is important for one’s personal growth and fulfilment.​

I did :​

Sea Horse: Twigs, stones and seeds were collected from the garden. Stuck two sheets of paper on the cardboard. Drew a picture of sea horse on one sheet and filled it with broken twigs. Tree on a cleft: Arranged stones in a heap and inserted a small of a plant into it. (Outdoors) Lobster: Arranged the seed pods to form a lobster and glued it to the other sheet of paper. ​

My Experience:​

I had lots of fun in creating this artwork. It was interesting to create something with only dried twigs and I never imagined doing that. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but it turned out really good.​

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