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Workshop on Happy Classroom

The session commenced at 10:30 p.m. It started with a word of prayer by Ms. Shahana. Ms. Sandhya briefed us about the objectives of the workshop (i.e.) to enable the faculty members to have self-awareness, to create interest to know the technique of handling a situation and to know about Emotional Intelligence. All teachers were asked to introduce themselves with the best practice for a happy classroom. Later Ms. Sandhya introduced the topic ‘Happy Classroom’ explaining how students suffer of mental illness due to harassment, abuse and corporal punishment, using the facts. Activity sheets were given to teachers to fill in order to know their Emotional strength. The three unique aspects that we got to learn were: STOPP, CARE, PLEASE in handling class in the most fruitful manner. Emotional Intelligence which includes: Social skills, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Self Awareness developed by Daniel Goleman was very useful. We teachers learnt the need and importance of emotional intelligence. It ended with a group activity where teachers were asked to discuss and highlight the challenges faced in classroom and staffroom. It was indeed a great experience, learning something new.​

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