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Ms. Deepa

Science Educator

Ms. Deepa holds a master's degree in biotechnology. She is an ardent educator and teaching enthusiast, with thorough knowledge of the science subject, partnered with the best practices of teaching.  She constantly aims to make each child’s learning experience a wonderful remembrance. She is focused with a comprehensive understanding of the subject, course of the Cambridge curriculum and the student-teacher relation. Additionally, She possesses knowledge and experience in training children for AIIMS, NEET and other competitive exams.

Ms. Deepa loves and looks out to nature for guided collective reflection. She has been the source of inspiration for many students to pursue their aims with perseverance. Her integrity is impeccable. She is an incisive critic and also a tough and decisive thought leader promoting leadership qualities among the students. She has efficiently worked to imbibe the knowledge among the children. She is known for building a very friendly relationship with the students, thus giving a very positive approach towards life and subject.

Ms. Deepa
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