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Ms. Stella Shoba

Tamil Educator

Ms. Stella Shoba holds an M.A., M.Ed. and teaches the State Language – Tamil. She is a passionate facilitator with the innate ability to inculcate learning in our students. She thrives to exalt students to scale greater heights and grow to become valued citizens. She has co-authored the Tamil third language book that is being used in the school. She shows and instills to inculcate the love for Tamil language in her students by using different techniques such as story writing, oratory and verbal communication using the correct grammar.

Ms. Stella believes in her students as the torch bearers who will create a future love for the language in the society and hence treats them in the same manner, equipping them at every stage with rhetorical devices, writing styles and communicative grammar that will help them achieve the same. She also organizes and conducts culture and Tamil language enriching events; she also trains and prepares students for said events.

Ms. Stella Shoba
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